Sensory Spectrum is proud to have joined with other sensory and consumer science experts at the 12th Annual Pangborn Symposium. During the conference, Sensory Spectrum presented 1 oral and 5 poster presentations. Click below to view:

Spectrum’s Director of Product Understanding, Annlyse Retiveau Krogmann presented an oral on: Harmonizing Sensory Attributes with Expected Benefits in Ready to Eat Cereals.

Sensory Spectrum’s five posters included:

  • Implementing a Panel Quality Maintenance Program – How a few simple initiatives can protect your initial investment without negatively impacting productivity (also in the speed poster oral presentations)
  • Qualitative Descriptive AnalysisA fast and strategic alternative to full descriptive profiling
  • Online Qualitative Consumer Research : Using Stormz to Generate Consumer Language as a First Step Towards Lexicon Development
  • Non-Traditional Uses of a Traditional ToolFour Innovative Ways To Leverage Your Trained Descriptive Panel’s Unique Skillset, Engage and Motivate your Panelists by Shaking up Their Routine, and Generate Added Value for Your Business Partners
  • A Case Study in Luxury: Combining Insights from Social Listening, On-line and In-Person Creative Consumer Tools and Descriptive Methods to Unpack a Multi-sensory Concept and Uncover Product Innovation Opportunities

Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the topics and we look forward to hearing from you.

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