I was reminded of a Steven Wright joke while reminiscing with a college friend about a weekend at the San Francisco Ritz Carlton.

Last night, I walked up to this beautiful woman in a bar and asked her, “Do you live around here often?” She said, “You’re wearing two different colored socks.” I said, “Yes, but to me they’re the same because I go by thickness.”

We had been drooling over the memory of the feel of the carpet beneath our feet and the delicious cloud feel of our beds.  If you are ever in San Francisco pay a visit to the Ritz Carlton and you will know what I mean.

Since then I have been thinking about how I use my sense of touch to clue me into my experience of luxury.  Walking on that Ritz Carlton rug in my bare feet was a simultaneous experience of soft fuzzy pile and deforming cushion enveloping my steps.  Not a sharp edge anywhere.  No unyielding resistance beneath the toes.  Yes, a luxurious walk within a hotel room.  A detail I secretly yearn for in my everyday business travel hotels.

It has been a few years but I also remember the Ritz Carlton delivering a lavish touch in not only the carpeting but also in the softness and fullness/body of the towels and the smooth feel of the sheets.  I do not remember the colors of the room but I do remember the feel.

For me the feel beneath my finger tips or my feet or my lips defines whether or not I find something opulent.  Of course it is dependent on the product but rough edges tend to be absent.  What does the touch of luxury feel like to you?

Do not let the sense of touch be left behind.  Start feeling things and build your list of touch points.  And to delve deeper into the impact of the senses on defining luxury.  Listen to Gail Vance Civille, president of Sensory Spectrum, speak with Dianne Devitt at the Sense Up! Summit (www.senseupsummit.com) about Sensory Spectrum’s breadth of work and the sense of luxury.

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