We Love Our Employees! 

Meet Laura Finnimore, a descriptive panel leader in our North Carolina facility.

As Panel Leader for our Personal Care Panel at Sensory Spectrum, my principal goals are to provide the most accurate data to our clients and to maintain our high level of proficiency amongst our expertly skilled panelists. I began my journey at Sensory Spectrum 10 years ago as a personal care panelist. This experience has given me great insight into which skills are required to lead a panel and which methods of coaching work best. I then transitioned to a member of our consumer support staff for which I did oversee the correct preparation of samples for qualitative projects and finally, to my current position as the personal care panel leader. I am motivated by both seeing our panel successfully complete client projects and by the positive feedback from those clients. It is extremely satisfying to see how our panel has grown in their expertise across a multitude of categories.

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