Quality Screening

A sensory tool for quickly matching the Quality of national brands

We helped our client screen through hundreds of samples and make critical decisions on product quality.  Keep reading to find out how…

The Problem

  • A large private label retailer, with a varied portfolio, was interested in launching a premium brand that was expected to be of equal or higher quality to national brands. The categories of interest were diverse including household goods, health and beauty aids, and food products. ​
  • Ultimately, they needed to understand if their new premium products delivered an experience in terms of product use and packaging that warranted premium prices they were now charging.​
  • Using traditional research approaches to test +250 products would require a huge time commitment at a prohibitive cost.

Our Approach

  • Highly trained Sensory Spectrum expert assessors, with extensive experience in the product categories, evaluated the new product vs. the national brand​
  • A simple quality scale was developed that allowed the assessors to rate the overall quality of the test product in relation to the national brand.​
  • This methodology and the expertise of the assessors allowed multiple comparisons per session.​
  • Time to complete all assessments was dramatically reduced versus traditions research approaches.

Step 01

Sensory Spectrum conducts “Sensory Quality” evaluations of both the Store and Premium products. This quantitative rating is supplemented with qualitative improvement strategies to help guide product developers.

Step 02

Each product is given a categorical “High”, “Medium” or “Low” score which helps in identifying products in need of additional work before being exposed to consumers. ​

Step 03

Products with “Low” scores were subjected to additional “Quality” screening after reformulation to ensure a successful launch.

The Outcome

  • 88% of products screened were acceptable for release​
  • 12% of products required reformulation before release​
  • The project was completed in ¼ of the time versus traditional approaches​
  • The company was able to launch several products to compete directly with national brands​
  • Others were reformulated based on feedback from assessors


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