Projective mapping has received much interest within the sensory and consumer insights community in the past few decades for its rapid nature and potential consumer-relevance, as compared to traditional descriptive analysis methods. In the food industry, the method has yet to be explored on a large scale. In this research poster, Sensory Spectrum consultant Katie Osdoba explores how the uses of projective mapping techniques are assessed within a CPG environment.

In this reasearch, descriptive analysis panels, all naïve to projective mapping methodology were oriented to the method prior and asked to evaluate the flavor of Strawberry Yogurt samples.  We also had the flavor of samples evaluated by completely untrained consumers. Ultimately results indicated similar gross findings accross all panels with varying levels of detail provided depending on the amount of trianing a panel received.  

Ultimately,  Projective Mapping is a strong rapid method in the sensory toolbox but its strength and how you use it will depend heavily on project objectives.  If you’re interested in ensuring you use this methodology appropriately, reach out to one of our consultants today.


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