Statement on Critical Panels During COVID-19 Quarantine 

Sensory Spectrum has been recognized by the U.S. DHS CISA as an essential business, due to our partnerships with the Food and Health Industry. As a result, we are currently operating our panels in modified formats and under heightened safety protocols in compliance with federal and local recommendations. We are doing so in an effort to support vital operations of our industry partners, while ensuring our staff’s safety as the highest priority.

We currently have two options available for DA services, product screening, product maintenance, QC feedback: On-site critical panels and From Home critical panels:

  1. On-Site Critical Panels: All panels operating at our facilities in NJ and NC consist of a small group of highly-trained panelists and panel leaders that are able to accommodate all project needs and continue to deliver Spectrum quality data. They continue to meet weekly, as needed. There are no project limitations due to our modified, critical panel approach, while all projects are considered on a case-by-case basis. Discrimination panel testing (e.g. tetrad, triangle, degree of difference) is also available upon request.
  2. From Home Critical Panels: Similar to our on-site panels, our From Home panels consist of small groups of highly-trained and experienced evaluators where shipments are delivered directly to the panelists. They can provide development guidance, sample screening and/or QC feedback for partners looking to quickly develop products in this time of crisis. Likewise, can be used to ensure quality maintenance of current products as production ramps-up. This option may be better suited for samples with simple preparation instructions, but again is considered as the need arises.

Both of these options, On-site and From Home critical panels, have expedited turn-around time and can accommodate project work immediately.

Additionally, our staff is working from home and can provide consulting services, project management, and data analysis support.

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