Food and Beverage


Explore consumer quantitative research and willingness to pay using Just-About-Right scales.


Uncover the a mother’s impact on her child’s snacking habits through qualitative research.

Environmental Odor

Use descriptive analysis on ambient malodor to improve consumer experience at quick serve restaurants.

Personal Care


Does location really matter? Understand the impact of body location using descriptive analysis on lotions


Refine and develop a protocol that will allow for consumer relevant research.


Combine descriptive analysis and consumer research to better understand consumer acceptance of a skin-care treatment regimen.

Home Care


Understand the emotional benefits of fine fragrances through the use of qualitative (Consumer Narrative) research.


Paper – The category appraisal technique is used on consumer paper products (napkins, tissues etc.) to understand the most key attributes for unique situations.

Pet Food

Understand what pets and their owners want in a pet food through ethnographic work using various interview/observational techniques and styles

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