Evaluating Personal Care Products after Exposure to Water


Personal care companies have a vested interest in understanding product performance under a variety of environmental stresses. After consumers apply lotions, the products could be exposed to running water when the consumer washes her hands. Alternatively, a hot day may induce the consumer to sweat, which changes the product experience. Thus, protocols which consider product performance when exposed to water are important for complete product understanding.

“Tests profiled the efficacy, positive and negative attributes of the lotions…”


Home use tests and sequence mapping were used to understand the interaction between lotion and exposure to water. Home use tests profiled the efficacy, positive attributes, and negative attributes of the lotions. Sequence mapping was used to capture the encounters of the lotion and water throughout the consumer’s day. A protocol was developed that enabled expert panelists to evaluate personal care products during product exposure to water based on an understanding of the product/consumer interaction.


The developed protocol was applied to evaluate personal care products which are commonly associated with use in water. The protocol enables companies to objectively evaluate products which are intended for use in water or during sweating.

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