Testing Personal Care Products on Sites that are Inconsistent


The testing site of personal care product evaluations is typically the forearm because this area is fairly similar across panelists; however, many body areas are non-uniform (lashes, elbows, legs, feet), introducing considerable variability by person. The objective of this study was to identify an evaluation method of personal care products that adjusted for panelist by panelist variability.

“The created procedure could assist a wide number of developers…”


The feet of personal care product panelists were examined, which revealed obvious differences and the need for customized assessments. Thus, panelists self-evaluated feet for tactile conditions using known reference values for the attributes identified during development, and panelists collaborated on visual attributes. With the information from the self-evaluations, a scaling system that adjusted for baseline values was developed, which minimized the noise from person to person and more reliably tested small differences.


The created procedure could assist a wide number of developers characterize their products because it facilitates the evaluation of products intended for inherently irregular body sites.

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