Matching Scent to Concept During Early Product Development


Consumers evaluated fragrances, and data analysis categorized the products along two dimensions, health/wellness and relaxing/ soothing. At this point, the objective was to understand consumer associations with relaxing and soothing.

“ identification of product types best suited for a soothing and relaxing effect…”


Sensory Spectrum’s Community Narrative Panel (SCAN) panel completed compare/contrast and sorting exercises with the fragrances.


The compare and contrast exercise allowed the teasing apart of slight differences among emotional states. In conjunction with the sorting exercise, it helped develop hypotheses as to which scents were more relaxing and which were more soothing. In addition, it allowed the identification of product types that were best suited for a soothing effect and product types that were best suited to a relaxing effect. Novel qualitative tools can be complementary to traditional quantitative information in early stages of product development.

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