Getting More from Sensory Qualitative Groups with Creative Tools & Techniques

Learn while you play! Experience a wide variety of creative qualitative tools in this fast paced course. You’ll leave understanding multiple ways to enhance the output quality of all types of qualitative groups.

Course Description

Qualitative research is about connecting with consumers to understand their needs, desires, and motivations. While Focus Groups are an established format for gathering qualitative data, wouldn’t you like to get better/deeper data during the time you have with your consumers? Would it be even better if everyone had fun while doing it? Then this is the course for you.

In this spirited two day course, learn and experience how to facilitate a wide variety of exercises to warm up, provoke, and stretch consumers in ways that seem more like play than work. Try out something new in a low risk environment, like improv or guided imagery. Learn quick energizers to re-engage a group when it feels like the well has run dry. And discuss how to connect these activities to probing and uncovering sensory focused consumer signals.

Along with learning the tools and techniques, you’ll learn when to use an activity and what is gained through that activity. Applications, data mining, and how to communicate results and insights in meaningful ways are integral parts of the course.

Who Should Attend

Moderators, facilitators, sensory scientists, consumer researchers, product developers, and other persons interested in expanding their qualitative research toolbox. Previous experience with qualitative research is recommended.

About the Course

Covered in this course are tools and techniques for:
• Reading a group
• Divergence beyond top of mind
• Convergence for innovation
• Energizing a new or low-energy group
• Mining creative qualitative information for insight
• Telling the story to others

October 25 – 26, 2017

2 Day Course
Course Fee: $2,000
Course Directors: Lee Stapleton, Missy Carvin
Location: New Jersey


across the street from Sensory Spectrum
535 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
Phone (908) 665-9200

570 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone (908) 273-3000

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