Customized Courses

Sensory Spectrum is your source for in-house courses.  We offer a wide variety of programs to suit your needs, in addition to customized versions of our current offerings.  

Programs can be executed at:

The advantages are numerous:

  • Tailored Programs for your staff, products, and company
  • Scheduling at a time that is right for you
  • Many from your organization can attend
  • Ability to include key vendors or clients in training
  • Colleagues benefit from the shared experience of learning together

To design a course that targets your objectives and training needs, email Joanne Seltsam, Director of Training and Education, at

Courses Include

  • Ad Claims: Strategic Development & Practical Applications
  • Consumer Testing
  • Consumer Development Labs
  • Data Monitoring
  • Design Thinking & Sensory
  • Descriptive Panel Leadership
  • Developing Storytelling Panels
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Flavor Descriptive Analysis (Spectrum or general)
  • Fragrance Descriptive Analysis (Spectrum or general)
  • How to Be a Taster: Flavor & Texture Basics
  • Develop & Facilitate a Creative Consumer Panel
  • Ideation Through Sensory Immersion
  • Leadership in Sensory Evaluation
  • Personal Care Products Terminology & Techniques
  • Preference Mapping & Consumer Segmentation
  • Project Design
  • Psychophysical Principles & Sensory Evaluation
  • Qualitative Consumer Research
  • Quantitative Consumer Research
  • Rapid Prototyping for Product Development
  • Sensory Evaluation of Fragranced Products
  • Sensory Evaluation Project Management
  • Sensory Statistics & Experimental Design
  • Sensory Technician Training
  • Sensory Quality Programs (Sensory Quality Control)
  • Sequence Mapping
  • Statistics, Data Exploration and Infographics
  • Texture Descriptive Analysis of Food (Spectrum or general)
  • Uncovering Consumer Needs at the Fuzzy Front End
  • Understanding Qualitative Research: Insights
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