How to Be a Taster: Flavor & Texture Basics

Increase abilities to detect and describe flavors and textures across common food product categories

Course Description

Link experiences across some of the US’s most common food product categories to the language of flavor and texture with this “how to” course. Focusing on improving your ability to objectively describe products, this course breaks open the flavor and texture of products into individual perceivable attributes, such as showing that “cola flavor” is a blend of spices, citrus, caramelized, sweet, sour, and bitter notes. With developed tasting skills, you can better understand and communicate what makes products similar and different, document product flavors and textures, work more effectively at the bench, and better interpret consumer research responses to products.

Who Should Attend

Sensory scientists, product developers, QA & QC personnel, marketers, managers, individuals involved in the development of food products, and anyone who wants to improve their communication skills through better understanding of the objective experience of foods. Experience in descriptive analysis is not required. Curiosity about food is a plus.

About the Course

Beginning with the physiology of taste and olfaction, move into reviewing the components of flavor and exploring attributes through multiple focused sessions. Move to the physiology of texture and the unique considerations that impact texture measurement of specific products, followed by experiencing texture attributes for different phases of the eating experience.

Through practice with a large number of foods, participants complete the course with robust learning about attributes, product experiences, and the process for evaluation so they return to work better equipped to assess products and clearly communicate findings.

Drawn from Spectrum Descriptive Analysis methodology for evaluation of flavor and texture, this course focuses on attribute learning rather than scaling attribute intensity.

April 25 – 27, 2017

3 Day Course*
Course Fee: $2,800
Course Directors: Gail Vance Civille
Location: New Jersey


across the street from Sensory Spectrum
535 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
Phone (908) 665-9200

570 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone (908) 273-3000

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