Leading Innovation Sessions

How To Facilitate Innovation and Creative Problem Solving Meetings

Course Description

Facilitation with creative intent is a skill best learned with a trained coach and lots of practice. That’s why we offer the Innovation Facilitator Accreditation course, where you will be immersed in an interactive setting with other participants and guided by New & Improved’s Master Facilitators. You’ll have lots of opportunities to learn and practice the specialized tools, methodologies and skills necessary to lead a group through innovation meetings, and you’ll receive individual feedback to help fine-tune your style and increase your confidence.

  • This program is intended for people who have previous training in creative processes and now wish to become Facilitators accredited by New & Improved.
  • When you walk out, you’ll be able to design and lead innovation sessions either within an organization, with your client groups, or when coaching an individual.
  • You’ll also gain the skills and tools needed to confidently facilitate groups and individuals in clarifying, generating, developing and implementing innovative solutions for their challenges.

What you’ll learn

Facilitation skills are central to the effective running of any type of meeting, whether it be a quick brainstorming session, a vision-setting meeting, a non-profit funding campaign or a corporate strategy hackathon, and whether it be coaching across the table with a single client, or managing the entire room.

In our live practice sessions, you and your fellow participants will receive real-time coaching and feedback from Master Facilitators and peers, both on your strengths and areas needing further development. As a result, you’ll learn to master yourself and the skills of facilitating to the extent that you can lead others efficiently and effectively through a creative problem-solving process. Many previous graduates of this program have gone on to lead creative sessions that have resulted in breakthrough solutions for their clients, and in some cases, millions of dollars in financial gain on behalf of their organizations.



  • Develop confidence and competence in your facilitation abilities via one-on-one coaching with our Master Facilitators
  • Master the innovation and creative thinking disciplines that elicit powerful, profitable results — fast!
  • Learn to help your team or clients cut to the heart of the issue and solve the right problems with workable and innovative solutions
  • Practice and apply an expanded repertoire of creative thinking and innovation tools and techniques
  • Increase your fluency in facilitating innovation and problem solving sessions
  • Deliver direct impact to your clients or organization by leading people in generating innovative solutions for their everyday and/or significant workplace challenges

Prerequisite & Details

Successful completion of New & Improved’s Innovation for Results course or commensurate training or experience.

NOTE: If you have limited experience with creative processes such as Design Thinking or CPS, a 1-day Innovation for Results immersion is available to fulfill your prerequisite. It will be held the day before the Innovation Facilitator Accreditation course on Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

November 6-9, 2018

4-day Innovation Facilitator Accreditation
Course Fee: $4,500
1-day Innovation Facilitator Accreditation
Course Fee: $900
Location: New Jersey


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