Lecturer Bios

Gail Vance Civille

Gail Vance Civille, President of Sensory Spectrum, Inc., has pioneered advanced sensory evaluation approaches for industry, academia and the government. For over 40 years her application of strategic business initiatives to R&D and Marketing projects has impacted sensory science globally. Her fundamental development of flavor, texture, fragrance, skinfeel and fabricfeel Spectrum Descriptive Analysis methodology, references and protocols is the foundation for sound analytical tools in sensory science. As an expert in the evaluation of sensory properties, Ms. Civille has worked with thousands of food and personal care products using sophisticated consumer and descriptive techniques. Ms. Civille has published articles on general sensory methods as well as sophisticated application of sensory strategy and is co-author of Sensory Evaluation Techniques 5th Edition and Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control and is the co-editor of Aroma and Flavor Lexicon for Sensory Evaluation. She has received the David R. Peryam Award from ASTM Committee E18 and the ASTM E18 Award of Merit.

Bob Baron

Bob joined Sensory Spectrum as the Vice President of Business Development after nearly 20 years working in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. As a former R&D Director, Bob has served on many senior leadership teams focusing on strategy, business growth, and associate development. Bob’s expertise includes Sensory Evaluation, Consumer Insights, Product Development and Innovation. He has been deeply involved in all aspects of the product life cycle from ideation to launch, followed by product maintenance. Bob’s expertise also includes a wide range of sensory evaluation methods, quantitative and qualitative consumer research techniques, raw material functionality, product development approaches, and innovation management. Bob uses his extensive background and experience in the industry to provide solutions for our clients, develop new approaches for product understanding, and provide sensory leadership through training and education. Additionally, Bob continually enhances our client partnership through building strong strategic relationships, working to solve difficult problems, and creating a collaborative environment.

Clare Dus

With Sensory Spectrum since before its incorporation and currently Vice President of Innovation and Technical Development, Clare leads work at both Spectrum’s NJ and NC facilities. Clare listens to the clients, asks questions and then designs and implements innovative methodology to meet their product and consumer understanding needs. She has tasted, smelled, felt and looked at a wide range of foods, beverages, personal care products, paper products, fabrics and pharmaceuticals. Clare leverages deep understanding of sensory properties to provide information, insight, training and coaching to her clients and colleagues. In her work in linking consumer and product understanding Clare actively seeks tools, techniques, and ways of thinking to assist her and Sensory Spectrum in understanding consumer decision criteria and motivations as related to desired sensory product features. Clare has a Bachelors’ of Science in Food Science from Rutgers University, NJ, is a long-time leader/ presenter for the Creative Problem Solving Institute, is active in the Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP) having co-designed and co-facilitated ideation at the inaugural conference and co-chairing the 2012 conference, and has recently completed the Polarity Management mastery Program.

Nicole Butkiewicz

With Sensory Spectrum since 2006, Nicole is currently the Technical Operations Manager at Sensory Spectrum where she manages a wide variety of projects with a focus on technology and innovation. With a strong background in consumer research and descriptive techniques, Nicole has developed skills and expertise in evaluation methods for a diversified array of products focusing on non-food products such as paper, fabric, cosmetics, lotions, fem care and hair. She has expertise in statistical techniques including linking consumer and descriptive data. Nicole’s responsibilities include training new panelists, managing our technician staff, interpreting data analysis, report writing and developing client specific protocols. Across all product categories, she enjoys uncovering the sensory story underneath the data and revealing the interrelationships between products sensory properties and consumer acceptance and perception. Nicole has a BA degree in History and Political Science from Rutgers University.

B. Thomas Carr

Tom Carr is the Principal of Carr Consulting, providing project management and statistical support for services to the food and beverage, personal care and home care industries. Prior to founding Carr Consulting, he held a variety of business and technical positions in the food and food ingredient industries. Mr. Carr is actively involved in the statistical training of scientists, both within the United States and internationally. He is co-author of the texts Sensory Evaluation Techniques 5th Edition and Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control and has received the David R. Peryam Award from ASTM Committee E18.

Missy Carvin

Missy has been working for New Directions Consulting off and on since she was old enough to hand out questionnaires and say “Please write your name and ID number.” Now, as President of the company, her focus is on creativity services, market research design and analysis. Missy received her BA in History and Theatre Arts from Hartwick College. She is also an online moderator and is qualified to facilitate the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process. Missy has been a leader at CPSI since 2011 and has also presented workshops at Florida Creativity Weekend, Mindcamp, and the QRCA Annual Conference.

Ivy Koelliker

Ivy’s path to Sensory Spectrum has honed her skills in balancing attention to detail and responsiveness to change. Joining Sensory Spectrum in 2010, Ivy efficiently manages an array of food descriptive and consumer research projects, often using advanced statistics to interpret linkages between consumer and descriptive data and generate insights. Ivy specializes in food descriptive analysis and training food descriptive analysis and has a particular passion for exploring the underlying sensory constructs for good food and beverage pairings. Ivy has a M.S. degree in Food Science from Rutgers University and previously completed her B.S. in Biological Sciences there. In addition, she has a Grand Diploma in the Culinary Arts from the French Culinary Institute.

Annlyse Retiveau Krogmann

With a strong background in consumer research and descriptive techniques, Annlyse has worked with a diversified array of products – including foods and beverages as well as non-food products, such as fragrances and personal care products. She has a passion for working with fragranced products and has done extensive sensory research with fine fragrance towards understanding the impact of fragrance hedonics and sensory properties on consumers’ perception, imagery, emotions and moods. Annlyse enjoys uncovering the sensory story underneath the data and revealing the interrelationships between products, sensory properties and consumer acceptance and perception. Annlyse holds a PhD in Food Science / Sensory Analysis from Kansas State University and holds a M.S degree in Human Nutrition / Sensory Analysis from the same university and the equivalent of a B.S. in Food Science and Engineering from France.

Joanne Seltsam

A member of the Sensory Spectrum senior consulting team, Joanne designs and executes technical approaches to respond to our clients’ needs, be it panel training (descriptive and sensory quality control), product evaluation or qualitative and quantitative research. Joanne’s industry background with both food and non-food allows her to offer clients a blend of scientific precision with a real world, practical approach well-suited to the corporate world. She enjoys interpreting complex data to better help our clients make actionable and impactful decisions in their projects. An experienced descriptive panel leader and trained moderator, Joanne is a primary lecturer for many of Sensory Spectrum’s courses. Joanne is also tasked with onboarding and developing Spectrum consultants and is the main contact for our discrimination testing program. Joanne has a Bachelor’s of Science in Food Science from Rutgers University, NJ.

Lee Christie Stapleton

Lee’s experience in sensory and strategic consulting to the Consumer Products Industry leverages her deep understanding of the descriptive sensory properties of foods and beverages, personal and home care products, paper and fabrics and pharmaceuticals to provide information, insight, training and coaching to her clients and colleagues. Currently the Director of Training and Education for Sensory Spectrum, she oversees Spectrum’s external courses and trains panels, personnel, and cross-functional client groups both domestically and internationally, primarily in objective product understanding and QC Sensory. During her time with Spectrum, Lee has seen her client array move from primarily CPG companies to a larger proportion of Ingredient and Private Label companies, mirroring the expansion of sensory in the marketplace. Lee also serve as a sensory focused qualitative research facilitator. Currently in the North Carolina office, she opened that facility in February 2009 and has since assisted in development of its strong contract panel program for personal care products and foods. Working at Sensory Spectrum provides her never-ending opportunities to both learn and share knowledge.

Elinor Toronto Doyle

Elinor Toronto Doyle joined Sensory Spectrum, Inc. in 2006 and is currently a Project Manager for qualitative and quantitative research projects. In this role she:
• moderates and manages Spectrum’s Community Narrative Panel (SCAN), a group of creative, articulate consumers who have built a community within their group, allowing them to provide a unique perspective in guiding product development
• conducts one-on-one interviews and moderates traditional focus groups
• oversees the execution of various descriptive analysis studies (personal care and food)

Previously, Elinor was a Panel Leader responsible for the management and execution of descriptive analysis studies for personal care products. The range of product categories Elinor has worked with during her tenure with Sensory Spectrum includes beverages, confections, snacks, consumer audio, packaging, over-the-counter medications, and personal care and household products.

Elinor attended the RIVA Training Institute for moderators and facilitators as well as the Creative Problem Solving Institute. She also has experience in the sensory evaluation of food and personal care products. Elinor has a B.B.A. in Finance, extensive experience in event management, and broad knowledge of project coordination.

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