Post Pangborn Re-Entry: Implementing New Knowledge within your Organization

Take a breath and make a plan

Course Description

From the Pangborn Symposium Home Page:

“The Pangborn Symposium is an opportunity to learn, to be inspired, to connect and to participate. The 12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium will bring together industry and academia, leading pioneers and emerging experts in sensory and consumer science.”

As anyone who has attended a large conference can attest, you leave feeling both exhausted and energized, a head full of new ideas and possibilities, without a clear path for what’s possible and what’s next.

Get the most out of Pangborn! Before jumping back into the workday routine, take a planful time out to assimilate themes from the Pangborn Symposium and develop practical implementation strategies with guidance and insights from some of Spectrum’s Senior Leadership.

Who Should Attend

Attendees interested in getting the most out of Pangborn 2017 attendees through setting a plan to apply key learnings

About the Course

During two three-hour sessions, plus the option for some or all to select a dinner spot and continue the conversation, participate in free flowing peer to peer sharing and idea building as Spectrum leaders facilitate through a series of catalytic questions designed to help identify services, tools, and strategies that can positively impact you and your company.

August 25, 2017

1 Day Course
Course Fee: $800
Course Directors: Sensory Spectrum Senior Leadership – Gail Civille et al
Location: Providence, Rhode Island

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