Rapid Prototyping for Product Development

Go from idea to defendable prototype in just 1 day. Participants experience objective setting, hands-on ideation and critical review/refinement of solutions using a common food category.

Course Description

“Brainstorming” is a standard method for new product development. All too often, it’s mostly a paper exercise. It can be hard to visualize the product. Creating physical prototypes to assess and refine – that’s powerful. Rapid Prototyping quickly brings ideas to life and promotes critical review and refinement of products early in the development cycle.

Over the course of one day, our facilitators share their experience in design and execution of quick turnaround prototyping to jumpstart product development. Participants experience objective setting, hands-on ideation and critical review and refinement of prototypes generated. Participants try out a series of idea development tools and are provided a large array of ingredient stimuli to maximize practical creativity. Creation of edible prototypes is both fun and enlightening.

Participants leave with a flexible process for facilitating rapid prototyping in their own company.

Who Should Attend

Sensory scientists, product developers, research chefs, marketers, managers, individuals involved in the development of food products, creatives, and anyone who wants to shorten the time needed to develop new products. Must be willing to play with your food!

About the Course

This one day course illustrates integration of creative problem solving tools with sensory evaluation methodology. Learn to uncover essential business, positioning, and sensory features to define a successful product. Identify new product options using ideation tools then work in small groups to make multiple prototypes/protocepts. End the day by voting on favorites that best meet the success criteria, then refine the ideas to make them even stronger.

June 7, 2017

1 Day Course
Course Fee: $800
Course Directors: Clare Dus, Lee Stapleton
Location: New Jersey


across the street from Sensory Spectrum
535 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974
Phone (908) 665-9200

570 Springfield Avenue
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone (908) 273-3000

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