Training Philosophy

Sensory Spectrum believes it is our mission to educate and empower sensory professionals. To serve the sensory and research community, we strive to deliver training programs that are relevant and provide unique learning experiences. For more than 30 years, Sensory Spectrum professionals have played a key role in the education and personal development of sensory scientists, their programs, and management by offering courses that combine methodology with application.

The diverse and expansive list of courses offered by Sensory Spectrum attests to our commitment to product and consumer understanding as part of the business strategy across all consumer product research. With different perspectives on methodology, project management, global insights and product attributes, our courses provide the very best in practical, hands-on realistic solutions to participants’ questions and challenges.

To maintain relevancy, course offerings are reviewed annually and revised to meet the changing needs of sensory professionals. For 2017, this includes a move to providing more and some shorter courses for balancing participant flexibility and skills development needs. It also includes a series of four courses to build internal qualitative skills.

After participants return to the “real world” and begin to apply the practical techniques learned in the courses, they are free to call any of the course lecturers and directors to discuss specific questions. Many participants attend several courses over time, as a way to build their sensory learning and grow in the field. Commonly, participants are referred by their managers and colleagues who have attended past courses and have appreciated the quality, practical nature of the information.

We look forward to supporting your growth!

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