New Year’s Eve Cocktail

Nothing brings in the New Year like a fresh cocktail.  Enjoy this festive cocktail from Bon Appetitie while our chef  and food scientist explains just why it tastes so good. Hard Cider SpritzCocktail Analysis: The cocktail is a hard cider spritz, playing up some of...

Hanukkah Pairings

Enjoy these new twists on Hanukkah recipes from our resident chef and food scientist, Ivy Koelliker. Simple Salmon Appetizer4 oz. creme fresh6 oz. smoked salmon fresh tarragonthe juice of half a lemon fresh cucumber slices fresh avocado slicessalt and pepperJewish rye...

Thanksgiving Pairings

Fresh Cranberry Compote  16 oz Fresh Cranberries 1/2 cup of sugar 4 oz gin (we used Bombay Sapphire)  Juice of two oranges Combine all ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes until texture becomes thick and slightly sticky. Enjoy!    Other recipes we love! ...

Cold Brew

The Question So, what is cold brew and how is it different from Iced Coffee?  That's the question I asked myself as I noticed that the market is flooded with ready-to-drink and freshly made cold brew coffee options. Well, cold brew is made with cold water, ground...

Lexicon Training in Processed Meats

Quality Standards for Processed Meat – A Three-Part Series As we saw in Part 1, good quality control in processed meats helps ensure your customers receive the product they want and expect.  A key tool in quality control is the establishment of sensory quality...

The Value of Ethnic Foods

According to the latest Ethnic Food & Beverage Trend Report, consumers are willing to pay an additional 32% for authentic ethnic cuisine. Grocers have already recognized this trend and have been trying to meet demand by increasing the number of ethnic options...

Quality in Processed Meats

Click below to read an exciting article by Ivy Koelliker, Sensory Spectrum's Director of Consulting.

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    New Year - New You! Start the year off right with an antioxidant infused water bottle. but watch out for those off-notes. #foodscience #infusions #bottles #antioxidants

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    Have you been asked to make a sensory claim? Need help? Start here for hands-on, practical claims training taught by Gail Vance Civille and Pam Zupkosky coming up March 2019. #training #howto #adclaims #continuingeducation

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    Ever wonder why eggnog shows up at every holiday party? Gail Vance Civille and Lisa Drayer might have some ideas. #flavors #holidays #healthyeating

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    Why can't we get enough pizza? Well, it starts with the perfect combination of ingredients... #healthyeating #pizza

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    Scientists and World Coffee Research are leading the fight to protect coffee crops. Read about their efforts here: #research #coffee #protection #scientists #foodscience

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