Now your company can access world-class capabilities while enjoying the benefits of letting us set-up, hire, train and manage some or all of your on-going consumer, descriptive and discrimination testing needs. This lets you focus on your products and outcomes without spending your time on-boarding and monitoring the operations of your sensory lab.

All employees are employed by Sensory Spectrum and we provide all oversight to ensure the program is run at the highest level of quality and consistency.

Sensory Spectrum offers exclusive contractual services that allow our clients to not only improve testing efficiency but also provide strategic time to their scientists. Sensory Spectrum provides a range of Sensory Managed Services which assume responsibility and strategic oversight for logistical aspects of product testing. These support include both On-Site (at the client) and At-Spectrum services.

On Site Services (we come to you)

Sensory Spectrum becomes a strategic partner to your firm by hiring, training and maintaining employees and panelists who will work at your facility running your descriptive panel, consumer program or a hybrid of both,  our goal is to serve your sensory scientists as they serve their internal clients.  Every aspect of the service is routinely scrutinized for testing inefficiencies and accuracy so that scientists receive reliable data quickly.

Service functions may include:

Provision of complete HR services

  • Recruit and interview potential employees
  • Complete federal and state required documentation
  • Institute and execute job performance assessment
  • Assess salaries, recommend raises and provide benefits
  • Pay required employment taxes
  • Complete on boarding and training of new hires

Complete testing management at your facility

  • Scheduling, execution, documentation, analysis and reporting for sensory projects and samples across all department testing.
    • Includes: Consumer, descriptive, discrimination etc.

Management of a single function at your facility

  • Scheduling, execution and documentation of an entire descriptive or consumer panel.
    • Includes hiring and training of panel leaders, technicians and panelists or recruiting and maintenance of a consumer panel.

At-Spectrum Services (Your products evaluated at Sensory Spectrum)

Sensory Spectrum provides ongoing oversight and logistical management of a specific sensory testing function at one of Sensory Spectrum’s facilities in NC or NJ.  Sensory Spectrum assumes complete responsibility for test execution including facility, supplies and employees.

Some applications include:

  • Descriptive panels
  • Discrimination panels
  • Sensory quality control/Quality assurance panels
  • Consumer qualitative
  • Consumer quantitative
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