What does your product offer?

What are the key sensory attributes?

Does your manufacturing process produce a consistent product?

Understanding sensory features of products within a category is critical to developing successful new products, enhancing the appeal of existing products and simply being competitive in today’s marketplace.


Spectrum Descriptive Analysis (SDA) provides detailed quantitative data using universal scaling and precisely defined terms to form a sensory “fingerprint” of each product. The product profiles we generate allow us to compare and contrast products on an attribute by attribute level, as well as in a broader context.

The breadth of our consultants’ experience allows us to draw conclusions and make recommendations for your next steps. Additional applications for SDA include evaluations for support product maintenance, continuous improvement, quality control, new product development, sensory advertising claims, shelf life and post-hoc correlation to analytical or consumer quantitative data.


Using our Sensory Translator approach, we invite you to take part and ask questions as a team of Sensory Spectrum consultants screen sample submissions against project objectives and consumer research results. Our years of experience in product and consumer understanding allow us to translate the information you provide into the language of the developer and of your vendors.

We explain how prototypes align with the product concepts from R&D or Marketing. We provide comprehensive product descriptions of each submission, and we give specific recommendations for changes to product attributes to optimize the experience. Additionally, we can have direct discussions with your suppliers to help clarify your needs. Our Sensory Translator consultation tool is a rapid way to move the bar on product refinement prior to large scale consumer testing


Let us help – we send 2-3 highly skilled Sensory Spectrum consultants with extensive descriptive evaluation experience to your facility to taste, touch, smell, and see your products. In a short time period we can help you make connections on how visuals, flavors, and textures relate to your target concept.


An objective tool for advertising claim support. For a Sensory Clinical Test, we work with you to identify the specific test objective, design detailed study protocols to test that objective, and use our highly trained Sensory Spectrum judges evaluate the sensory efficacy of the products


Sensory Spectrum can help you design and execute a discrimination test that addresses your individual needs. Tests such as Triangle Tests, Paired Comparison, Tetrad, etc. can help you understand the effects of raw materials changes, new processes, and shelf-life.  We can execute and interpret these types of tests.


The Sensory Quality Audit ensures that your manufacturing process is delivering the best quality product to your consumer in a cost effective and rapid way. Sensory Spectrum has developed an integrated product quality scale that defines target product properties and measures against a target with a simple, easy to understand score. We also provide qualitative justification for the score and recommendations for improving the sensory quality when your product is “out of spec.” This allows for determination of the sources of positive and negative characteristics and their influence on overall quality.


Sensory Quality Assurance Panels can serve as the gatekeeper to ensure that your consumer is getting a uniform sensory experience every time. Typical Quality Assurance Panels take many forms: line workers checking production from other shifts, centralized company panels, or externally hired and managed panels. Sensory Spectrum can help you evaluate your budget, timelines, and company objectives to develop the right program for your company. We consider the appropriate sensory method, the best panel type, the key sensory attributes to measure, and the ongoing tools needed to measure products and panel performance and to provide feedback to your facilities. Our experienced consultants can train and monitor your panel, or we can establish an exclusive panel run and managed at our facilities. With a Sensory Quality Assurance Panel, you can feel secure that your consumers get what they expect time after time.

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