Creating and extending sensory methodology and sensory strategies is core to our Mission Statement. Whether you are beginning your sensory career or you have been working for some time, Sensory Spectrum provides relevant and unique learning experiences.

Over the past 30 years, Sensory Spectrum professionals have played a key role in the education and personal development of sensory scientists and their management. Our short courses are created and executed by a team from across industry and academia. With different perspectives on methodology, project management, global insights and product attributes, you will gain the very best in practical hands-on realistic solutions to your questions and problems. [link to the course catalog and yearly schedule]If you are looking for a strategic sensory mentor and coach, our consultants are approachable as well as knowledgeable. We will pair you with the best person for you to achieve mastery of your craft.


As the developers of the Spectrum Descriptive Analysis Method (SDA), we know that our panel training offers several advantages over other descriptive analysis training methods. The SDA uses terminology that is precise and relatable to your work. SDA uses standard rating scales for intensity that provide consistency among panelists and products for highly reproducible data over time. The training of panelists incorporates the use of references and other standards for clarification of descriptors and intensity. Spectrum panel trainers understand your need for usable data and manage the tasks of screening, training, monitoring, and maintaining your panel, at your facility or ours. All of our trainers bring extensive experience with the Spectrum Descriptive Analysis method across a wide variety of consumer products.


Our SpecSpeak workshops have one purpose: Getting team members within a company speaking the same language about their products. We create customized workshops with hands-on activities to teach your team specific language for discussing and evaluating attributes of products at all stages of development and maintenance. Better cross functional communication leads to fewer missteps, enhanced development and evaluation skills, better decision making, and increased speed to market.


We will customize training programs and bring the program to you at your site. Choose from our established curriculum or create a new program. We pride ourselves on designing programs that meet our client’s needs and give us the opportunity to share our extensive knowledge of sensory and consumer science.

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