Our Company

Sensory Spectrum, a globally recognized management consulting firm, specializes in understanding the sensory-consumer experience for industry, academia and government. Our approach links advanced sensory methods to consumer research with the latest statistical analysis procedures to provide business and technical solutions for confident decision making.

Our broad scope of customized services includes sensory program design and review, Spectrum Descriptive Analysis panel training, project management, consumer research, short courses and workshops.

With decades of experience, international clients and recognition, and unparalleled research techniques we have consulted with countless industries to provide solutions, direction, and vision to a range of products and services. Our ability to work with you and always find a solution are what set us apart and drive us forward year after year.

Our Solutions

Sensory Spectrum is an innovative, multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field of sensory and consumer science. We are committed to understanding every aspect of the senses and how they relate to consumer needs, wants and experiences. As consultants, we partner with our clients to provide sensory driven guidance for product development and product improvement. We offer tactical advice for product positioning, and direction for new and strategic business opportunities. We inspire product developers to understand their products and consumers in-depth. Through technical design, implementation and interpretation we develop invaluable insights. You will understand the results and be able to take immediate action for business decisions.

Sensory Spectrum relies on incredible sensory and consumer science to provide functional and exceptional solutions to our clients. From product and consumer understanding to offering complete workshops and managed services, we’re here to ensure your products and services are successful and possess the tools to grow and deliver.

Learn From Us

Creating and extending sensory methodology and sensory strategies is core to our Mission Statement. Whether you are beginning your sensory career or you have been working for some time, Sensory Spectrum provides relevant and unique learning experiences.

Over the past 30 years, Sensory Spectrum professionals have played a key role in the education and personal development of sensory scientists and their management. Our short courses are created and executed by a team from across industry and academia. With different perspectives on methodology, project management, global insights and product attributes, you will gain the very best in practical hands-on realistic solutions to your questions and problems.

If you are looking for a strategic sensory mentor and coach, our consultants are approachable as well as knowledgeable. We will pair you with the best person for you to achieve mastery of your craft.

We’re always excited to share and expand the sensory sciences to new industries and clients. We not only provide consultation but are here to prepare you to understand the sensory methodology to address your own questions and hurdles. Our workshops covers a wide range of topics and are well-suited for management teams around the world.

Case Studies

Our case studies are examples of actual services and consultations provided to our clients. While we protect the privacy of our clients – you are able to see clearly the methodology we employ to find solutions and address our client’s needs. Running panels, lab tests, and employing research and studies for unique products and services are just the start. We cover an expansive range of sensory studies, many of which you can learn about directly through our workshops and training.

We take pride in sharing our work to illustrate the range and depth of the sensory sciences and how they work in every area. Understanding products, consumers, and everything in between begins with research, planning, coordination, and years of sensory science experience. Take a look at some of our past work.

If you would like to learn about our Consumer Research Panels click here!

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